Oklahoma woman accused of sending explicit Snapchat to teen boys

Oklahoma woman accused of sending explicit Snapchat to teen boys
Jennifer J. Hemstreet

(Story broke 4/27/2017)

46-year-old Jennifer J. Hemstreet, of Enid, Oklahoma, was arraigned back in late April for allegedly sending explicit pictures and videos on Snapchat to two teen boys, ages 15 and 17. The 17-year-old was sent nude images of the woman, while the 15-year-old received similar images and explicit videos of her. You see, it’s not just teachers that creep on Snapchat, middle-aged women do too. Speaking of which, since she’s not a young blonde bombshell she’ll probably have the book thrown at her.

This is just another reason why you should not only know what apps your kids are using, but who’s on their friends list as well.

One thought on “Oklahoma woman accused of sending explicit Snapchat to teen boys”

  1. The thing is,… and for the record,… There is NO EFFECTIVE WAY TO ENCRYPT OR CLOAK A BROADCAST!!! Snap-shots, webcam pics, and live streams cannot be transmitted via the telephone lines!!! They have to be BROADCASTED!!! That’s what those ELF ( Electro-Magnetic frequency ) towers are FOR!!! Without those, there would BE no snap-images, webcam pics, live-streams, or ANYTHING!!! The downside, is that there’s simply no way to “anonymize” a broadcasted signal!!! Send a nasty image of yourself to some kid ( it doesn’t even matter whether or not the child was the INTENDED target, all the authorities are going to care about is the “AGE” of the person that ended up RECEIVING those images,..PERIOD!!!! ) and mark my words, YOU’LL BE IN JAIL BEFORE THE SUN GOES DOWN!!!!!
    The people who get busted for the crime of sending their nude pictures to kids ( now does ANYbody of ANY age want to see a nude picture of Ms. Jennifer J. Hemstreet?!?!? A fat blotchy 46 year old divorcee who’s kids are probably in the Navy!?!? ( Yeah, I bet they’re really “proud” of their mamma NOW!!!!*** ) Certainly not ME!!! ),… as I started to say,.. the folks that get busted for broadcasting their nude “images” to kids obviously have NO idea at all whatsoever how the internet and broadcasting systems WORK!!!
    It definitely pays to be EDUCATED!!!


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