After-school volunteer confesses to trying to pay students for sex

Roosevelt Miller

(Story broke 5/1/2017)

Lending credence to the theory that predators like to put themselves in positions dealing with children, we have one Roosevelt Miller, age 20. He was an after-school volunteer at a middle school in Plantation, Florida. He was arrested for allegedly trying to pay three underage students for sex.

Miller reportedly went around the school and asked children he found attractive to give him their name and cell phone numbers for a sports program that the school didn’t have. He would then harass these students through either text messaging or the mobile messaging app Kik. He would promise the boys money and trips to Disney World in exchange for sex. He would even go as far as calling one of the boys ‘sexy’, and asking him if he was gay.

When arrested, Miller first tried the ‘it was a joke defense’ but has since signed a handwritten confession where he also supposedly admitted to fondling an underage boy at a bus stop.

It’s getting to the point where you can’t trust anybody in positions that we used to trust people implicitly with our children. While I’m not blaming the internet for creating sex offenders and pedophiles, it sure seems to have emboldened them since the advent of the world wide web.

UPDATE 6/29/2017: Miller pleaded guilty and is facing 10 to life.

UPDATE 9/20/2017: Miller was sentenced to 10 years and a month in federal prison.

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