Another craigslist creeper who wanted daddy/daughter sex

Another craigslist creeper who wanted daddy/daughter sex
Terry Crawford

(Story broke 5/12/2017)

Terry Crawford, age unknown, of Cobb County, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly seeking sex with underage girls on craigslist. Not only did Crawford’s craigslist ad reportedly ask for daddy/daughter sex, but also claimed he wanted “young, young girls who wanted to get pregnant”.

Police reportedly posed as a 13-year-old girl and messaged Crawford only with the word ‘hi’, which eventually led to explicit messages from Crawford including pictures of his junk.

He’s also out on bond, so have fun with that Georgia.

Sadly this is all too common on craigslist and as I’ve said before, if it’s common, then there are people who are finding children on craigslist and they’re not being caught. If craigslist even cared, they would moderate their site for obvious illegal ads like this that violate their own terms of service. Instead, they’ll just use it as a method to drive traffic to their site.

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