Tacoma man accused of three rapes of teens, one of whom he met on Snapchat

Tacoma man accused of three rapes of minors, at least one victim he met on Snapchat

(Story broke 5/5/2017)

27-year-old Antoine Joseph Perry of Tacoma, Washington, is accused of allegedly raping three teens in three separate 2016 incidents. In the first case, he is said to have kidnapped an 18-year-old woman at gunpoint, forced her into his car and raped her in an apartment.

In the Snapchat case, Perry, using the screen name FreeGameAP, reportedly met a 15-year-old girl on the photo sharing app and was chatting with the girl for months before showing up at her house late at night. He brought her fast food, like the stereotypical guy from To Catch a Predator, except he didn’t want to just ‘hang out’. When the girl got in his car Perry is said to have touched her inappropriately and when she protested he choked and raped her. This was long before Snap Maps was added as a feature.

In the last known instance, Perry is said to have met another 15-year-old over an unnamed social media platform. He picked up the girl from where a friend of hers was babysitting. He pulled over saying he couldn’t find his phone and when the girl got out to help him look for the phone, he choked and raped her too.

Thankfully, Perry is currently being held without bond.

With the two social media related rapes, it makes me wonder if Perry posed as someone younger than himself. That’s a common trick used by online predators to gain the confidence of their victims and I would hope these girls wouldn’t knowingly get into a car with a man close to his 30s.

As a parent, not only should you be monitoring your kids’ online activity on all of their devices, but you should also explain to them just because someone who says they’re a teenager or they’re harmless doesn’t make it so. When a minor becomes friends with a stranger online, it’s almost like they’re playing Russian Roulette with six bullets.

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