Craigslist creeper wanted serious girls into incest

Craigslist creeper wanted serious girls into incest
Peter Joseph McGibbon

(Story broke 5/17/2017)

30-year-old Peter Joseph McGibbon of St. Paul, Minnesota, was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex with children through craigslist. Not just any sex mind you. Oh no. McGibbon’s ad reportedly said he was into ‘serious girls’ who shared his interest in incest. Let that sink in for a moment. He allegedly wanted underage girls who shared his interest in incest. Looking at his mugshot, he may have more than just a passing interest in it, he looks like he’s also a product of it. Since I can’t see all of him, I can’t tell if he has any flipper arms or anything like that. In McGibbon’s craigslist ad, he also reportedly said he was interested in starting a ‘nudist family’. That’s just more craigslist creeper code for wanting to have sex with children.

Police posed as a 15-year-old girl responding to his ad and McGibbon was said to be fine with her age. They arrested him at a nearby park. McGibbon was also under a previous child porn investigation when Google gave a tip to the NCMEC. Speaking of incest, when police tried to seize his phone, his mother stepped in and said they couldn’t take the phone because it had all his doctor appointments were on it. Well, that and some child porn police allegedly seized.

McGibbon had been previously charged with child porn possession in Florida but those charges were dropped due to McGibbon’s alleged diminished mental capacity.

It almost seems to me that craigslist’s lack of monitoring is emboldening wave after wave of pedophiles and predators who find acceptance among the other cretins on craigslist. While craigslist says it relies on community policing to flag inappropriate ads, it’s hard to take those ‘police’ seriously when they’re a group of abominations.

Duluth News Tribune
CBS Minnesota

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