You can now pay for Backpage sex ads with gift cards

You can now pay for Backpage sex ads with gift cards

After having the credit card companies tell them to take a hike and having to turn to Bitcoin, Backpage has now made it much easier and more anonymous to purchase sex ads.

According to an article by the Dallas Morning News, Backpage is now accepting gift cards as payment for their ads for prostitution. The same gift cards you can buy from just about any store in the world. You probably can’t swing a dead rat without hitting one of these stores.

How it works is you purchase any one of these gift cards, like iTunes or Starbucks or Target, and give the card number to Backpage. Backpage then allegedly turns around and sells the card number for cash. If this sounds familiar, this is the same way craigslist scammers try to get you to pay them. If they’re not asking you to wire them money, they’re asking you to pay them in gift cards. The obvious problem with this is it breaks a chain in the paper trail. If someone pays for a gift card with cash, that’s a virtually anonymous transaction.

For those of you who are saying Backpage doesn’t have sex ads anymore, don’t fool yourself. They’ve been moved to the personals section. While personal ads are free, you can pay to have them featured prominently and frequently. So now it’s even more business as usual at Backpage. Just think, some underage girl is probably going to be sold into sexual slavery by someone who bought an iTunes gift card at Dollar General.

The devaluation of human life continues at Backpage.

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