Coach Snapchats student: “sexual stuff, oops.”

Coach Snapchats student: "sexual stuff, oops."
Benjamin Chastain

(Story broke 5/9/2017)

24-year-old Benjamin Chastain of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was a youth volleyball coach who is accused of inappropriate sexual contact with one of his 14-year-old female players. Since Chastain was a coach, of course his transgressions started on the picture sharing app Snapchat. Chastain allegedly would message the girl on Snapchat about sexual matters, then would follow it up with ‘oops’. Have lol and j/k fallen out of favor? But I digress.

Chastain also allegedly would bring McDonald’s food to the girl while she was at school and they would eat the food in his car. At some point, it’s alleged Chastain grabbed the girl’s butt as she was leaving his car. He is even believed to have purchased the girl lingerie and requested pictures of her wearing it.

Chastain maintains his innocence, but how innocent can you be when you’re bringing the girl fast food at school, having her eat the food in your car, and buying her lingerie? No 24-year-old man needs to buy a 14-year-old girl something from Victoria’s Secret. That’s not even taking into account the whole butt grabbing thing. Luckily things didn’t advance any further than that.

Check your kids’ social media accounts, people. It’s better to find out something inappropriate is going on before it can escalate into criminal behavior that can have lasting psychological effects on your child.

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