Accused Backpage pimp had woman gang-raped for not working for him

Accused Backpage pimp had woman gang raped for not working for him
Najiy Williams

Back in February, a woman from Jacksonville, Florida, rode a bus to Macon, Georgia, for what she thought was an artist’s job. The man who is said to have promised her the job paid for her bus ticket. Instead of any art work, the woman was placed in a room and was told she was going to have sex with the men who knocked on the door. When the woman refused to answer the door she was reportedly gang-raped by a number of men. These men were said to be customers of Najiy Williams, the man accused of bringing her to Georgia and advertising her on Backpage.

Afterward, the men threw money on a table in the room. The woman later overheard Williams telling someone he’d made $900 off her that night.

So Backpage’s so-called claims of freedom of speech have resulted in the gang-rape of a too-trusting woman. And just where did the victim find this phony art job? Craigslist, so they’re partly responsible for this as well. So be careful when looking for work on craigslist. You never know when that job will turn out to be something from which you can’t escape without harm.

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