Accused Backpage pimp used his mom to contact victim

Accused Backpage pimp called out for alleged witness tampering

(Story broke 5/31/2017)

A person by the name of George Torres is accused of allegedly prostituting an underage girl on Backpage in the Corpus Christi, Texas, area. During a hearing at the end of May, prosecutors testified Torres was allegedly contacting his victim in order to try to discourage her from testifying against him. Prosecutors said not only did Torres reportedly contact the victim himself, but he also had other inmates and his mother contact the victim. I would imagine the conversations were not of the ‘pretty please’ variety, but more of the ‘it would be a shame if something happened’ type. So not only was this girl said to be sold into sexual slavery, but she may also have had to endure continued abuse from her alleged pimp, his cohorts and his family. Yet sex trafficking and child prostitution is still considered too bleak and depressing for most people to pay real attention to as a problem that needs addressing.

I also bet Backpage thinks this guy was just exercising his freedom of speech.

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