Own your WalMart outrage like a hero

Social media had their collective panties in a bunch when the following picture was shown of a WalMart in Evansville, Indiana.

Of course when someone puts the images of guns and school together you can’t help but think of school shootings, but is this really worth our outrage? Of course this wasn’t done intentionally by WalMart but you’d think the store personally went to school children and handed them guns the way some people are overreacting. For all we know it could have been done by some customer who thought they were funny, and to be honest, I did chuckle a little, but I can have a dark sense of humor at times.

What we should be outraged about is how some parents refuse to check on their kids activities, especially when there are guns in the home. We should be outraged about parents who refuse to get their children psychiatric help because the parents think they’ve somehow failed as a parent if they admit their child has a problem. We should be outraged about the generations of children we’ve raised to be emotional marshmallows whose first response is to turn to violence when things don’t go their way for whatever reason. But no, let’s rage at WalMart instead since they’re obviously the reason behind school shootings.

4 thoughts on “Own your WalMart outrage like a hero”

  1. I have to disagree here. I think it’s proven that words and images together are very powerful. Putting “Own the school year–LIKE A HERO” with a bunch of rifles, is worthy of outrage. Marketing is so powerful, cigarette companies had to stop using TV and billboards due to their proven ability to influence kids about how cool it is to smoke.


    1. I agree with you to a point.

      There’s no evidence to suggest that WalMart did this on purpose and they have continually apologized and have had the sign removed. They were also not the ones who made the sign known to the public.

      If this was intentional marketing than I would agree with you 100%.


      1. Yes, I see your point that it wasn’t (hopefully) done with intent by corporate offices. Everyone deserves an ‘Ooops!’ moment. If it happens again though, it speaks to something else more sinister.


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