Canadian man flies to Georgia to have sex with girl he met on Omegle

Canadian man flies to Georgia to have sex with girl he met on Omegle

53-year-old Yves Joseph Christopher Legault, from the Canadian province of Ontario, flew to Atlanta to allegedly have sex with a 13-year-old girl who he met on the webcam chat site Omegle. The girl’s mother discovered the ‘relationship’ after the girl received a package from Canada. Legault is said to have claimed he was 22-years-old. He also allegedly had his victim perform sex acts on cam for him. However, by this time the mom had already contacted the FBI who promptly arrested him when he arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Omegle is one of the sneakier platforms for predators out there. Not only is it one of the most used search terms to find this site, but it’s my opinion law enforcement aren’t as aware of Omegle as they should be. To add to the sneakiness, Omegle is not an app. It’s a website that connects you with random people to chat with, but since it’s not an app all you need is an internet enabled device with a camera. So instead of looking for an app on your underage kids’ phones or tablets, with Omegle, you need to check their browser history and bookmarks to make sure they’re not using the site. That means checking their laptops as well. If I was still a parent of young children, I would not allow them to have any devices after bedtime.

UPDATE 12/13/2018: Legault was sentenced to 16 years after pleading guilty to enticing a child to engage in sexual activity online.

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