California man charged with soliciting 6-year-old over

California man charged with soliciting 6-year-old over

(Story broke 6/3/2017)

We’ll get to the obvious question in due time, but first the facts. is a social app where people can share videos of themselves, live stream, and message each other. 25-year-old Jacob Eric Blanco, of Fresno, California, is accused of allegedly using and Kik, of course, to solicit girls under 12 to send him explicit images of themselves. Blanco was brought to the attention of law enforcement by a family from New York whose 6-year-old daughter was reportedly solicited by Blanco. Blanco is looking at a maximum sentence of 30 years for each count of sexual exploitation of a minor. Law enforcement is said to be looking for additional victims.

So I checked’s terms of service and you have to be at least 13-years-old to use the app. While it’s fortunate the incident led to Blanco’s arrest, why in the blue hell was a 6-year-old allowed to be on Have these people never been on the internet? Were they Amish people who left that practice behind and this was their first day in the pagan world?

No child needs to be left to roam freely online without parental supervision, especially a 6-year-old girl. There are too many cretins like Blanco running wild online to leave your young children unattended on any internet-connected device.


UPDATE 5/15/2020: Blanco has pleaded guilty to producing child pornography of at least 50 minors. He is scheduled to be sentenced in October when he will face 15 to 30 years for each count.

2 thoughts on “California man charged with soliciting 6-year-old over”

  1. Trench Reynolds-
    I have very little knowledge of you as a person. What little I have read, you mention “your talent.” I personally, (let me reinstate), I personally don’t feel as though bashing parents for these actions is a talent. It is your opinion.
    Please feel free to connect with me, if you would like “knowledgeable” information on how children get on these apps, then You will have more than just your opinion for your “talent”

    *I am the parent of one of the other child victims, from this Fresno pedaphile.


    1. That’s strange because if I ever mentioned ‘my talent’ I have no idea what that would be, unless it was said in sarcasm.

      But getting back to the matter at hand, I’m sorry that your child was allegedly targeted by this predator. However, I don’t see how a predator can approach a child as young as the one mentioned in my post without a lack of parental supervision.


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