Florida man got women hooked on heroin to turn them out on Backpage

Florida man got women hooked on heroin to turn them out on Backpage
Patrick Trottie

(Story broke 6/1/2017)

43-year-old Patrick Trottie was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, for allegedly forcing drug-addicted women into prostitution on Backpage. Trottie would reportedly look for women who were going through heroin withdrawal, give them heroin, then tell them they had to prostitute themselves in order to pay back their ‘debt’ to Trottie. The women were forced to give all their money to Trottie and if they tried to leave, he would beat them. One victim who escaped was found hiding behind a dumpster with a swollen face and split lip. Another victim claims Trottie threatened to shoot her if she tried to escape and would hold a gun to her head. So tell me again how this is a victimless crime.

Now, Backpage claims they have several safeguards in place to prevent underage girls from being peddled on their site. A claim which is dubious at best. However, my question is: What is Backpage supposedly doing to prevent women from being forcefully trafficked on their site? I’ll tell you. They’re cashing the checks from these violent pimps while laughing all the way to the bank.


Action News Jax
Florida Times-Union

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