Jersey couple turned out teen babysitter on Backpage

Jersey couple turned out teen babysitter on Backpage
Regn and White

19-year-old Christopher K. White and his 28-year-old girlfriend, Adria Regn, of Mount Holly, New Jersey, are accused of allegedly keeping their 17-year-old babysitter captive and making her work as a prostitute. The girl knew White and thought she would be baby sitting Regn’s kids when the victim went to the couple’s motel room. Instead, she was given meth and weed and was told she needed to work for the couple so the couple could make money.

They took explicit photos of the victim and posted them to Backpage. They are said to have forced her to have sex with up to five men a day for a four-day period. Regn told the victim if the girl didn’t make them money, it would be her fault if Regn lost her kids. White was said to have also threatened to beat her if the victim tried to leave. Any money that was made by the victim was kept by White and Regn. The victim was eventually able to escape and contact police. The pair are looking at a sentence of 20 to life for human trafficking.

Again, if you think Backpage is doing anything to protect girls like this, you’re wrong. I highly doubt the ads these two idiots placed were thoroughly reviewed by anyone at Backpage. If anything, they probably posted the ad in other places too.

That’s not even mentioning Mount Holly is a pretty small town, which shows prostitution and human trafficking have permeated all corners of our country thanks to Backpage. Backpage has made it so easy for anyone to become a pimp and all it takes is a gift card. There’s no depths the greedy heads of Backpage won’t stoop to.

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