Florida man caught using modeling scam on craigslist

Florida man caught using modeling scam on craigslist
Rade Malkovich

32-year-old Rade Malkovich, of Brandon, Florida, was arrested in Tampa for allegedly running a fake modeling scam. Malkovich allegedly posted ads on craigslist looking for models. He is said to have represented himself by claiming he worked for a legitimate talent agency. When one woman contacted the actual agency, they had never heard of Malkovich. He was then arrested for allegedly running a phony modeling agency, however, his endgame could have been much worse.

I’ve been posting about the modeling scam for over a decade now. (And here too.) The purpose of the modeling scam is usuall one of three reasons. The first is to lure victims into human trafficking, the second is luring victims into an opportunity for rape or sexual assault, and lastly to try to convince the models to get into porn.

Police aren’t saying if any of these were what Malkovich was planning, but I would lay odds on it being at least one of the three. I was able to stumble across Malkovich’s Periscope account. While it doesn’t have anything illicit on it, it does have a number of videos of shirtless Malkovich. To add to the need of mind bleach moment, some of the videos are entitled ‘Ladies Only’, ‘Bad Bitches Only’ and the ever so classy ‘I Need Head’. Take that as you may.

As the article points out, photographers don’t usually work directly for legitimate modeling agencies and don’t pay $300 to $800 per hour for inexperienced prospects. As with any craigslist ad, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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