Mother accused of molesting her kids and selling the videos on Snapchat

Mother accused of molesting her kids and selling the videos on Snapchat
Keri Harwood

Hey, another Snapchat story without a teacher, however, I shouldn’t be making light of this since it’s a pretty disturbing story.

28-year-old Keri Harwood, of New River, Arizona, claims she met a man who would pay her to perform solo sex acts over Snapchat. Apparently her feminine wiles weren’t enough to keep the money flowing, as the man was said to have offered her more money to molest her two children and send him the videos. Payments that once hovered around the $100 mark quickly turned into payments of $500 to $600. Harwood allegedly molested the children while her husband was at work on at least five different occasions according to her own admittance. She is said to have told police she did these unspeakable acts because she ‘needed the money’. She’ll need the money even more as she’s currently being held on $150,000 bond.

It makes me wonder if Harwood started out as a camgirl. For those of you who may not know, there are sites where women, and men, can set up accounts where they can livestream themselves and set prices for certain acts. Models are paid in tokens, a type of virtual currency, instead of cash as to probably avoid prostitution laws. Plus it obfuscates how much models are being tipped and how much of a percentage the sites are taking in. In a number of these cases you can obtain the model’s Snapchat address to receive future images. It’s not unheard of for private deals to be made off-site. To clarify, this is merely speculation on my part, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case.

As someone who was once entrusted to help raise two children this sickens me to no end. There were plenty of times where I was dirt poor as well and not once did I ever think about sexually exploiting my stepkids in order to make a couple of bucks. It makes me wonder what exactly she needed the money for. According to pictures on her social media accounts, it doesn’t seem like she was hurting for much.

No word on if the man who requested the videos has been apprehended or not.

You know, someone should start a website where parents like this are called out publicly, or maybe someone will.

Thanks to Lady Gray for the tip.

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