Snapchat sleaze accused of trading nudes with roommate’s underage sister

Snapchat sleaze accused of trading nudes with roommate's underage sister
Kevin Forst

Sometimes, I take heat from people who say that a child is more likely to be molested or solicited by someone they know rather than strangers online. While that is true, it doesn’t stop the people who are familiar with their victims from using social media to continue contacting them.

For example, take 26-year-old Kevin Forst of Bentonville, Arkansas. He’s accused of exchanging explicit pictures over Snapchat with a 15-year-old girl. That girl, from Florida, was visiting her sister in Bentonville, who was rooming with Forst. Forst was said to be flirting withe the girl while she visited, but the girl’s sister told them to knock it off.

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Reportedly, they didn’t knock it off because Bentonville police received a call from the girl’s father in Florida to file a complaint about Forst. It seems the older sister tipped of their father who checked the girl’s cell phone and found the images. Forst is said to have admitted exchanging pics with the girl and being aware of her age. Forst is currently out on bond.

Good on the sister and dad for teaming up to catch this scumbag. There are too many families out there who don’t have the knowledge to stop a ‘relationship’ like this from happening.

And hey, not a teacher.

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