Chachi loves tin foil

Chachi loves tin foil
Have I ever mentioned how I really can’t stand conspiracy theorists? I especially can’t stand them when they claim an incident where innocent lives are lost is a ‘false flag‘. These people, who lack common sense and completely disregard Occam’s Razor, think that every mass shooting is a false flag. The only good thing about the tin foil hat crowd is when they make their outlandish claims public, sane people can completely disregard anything else that comes out of their mouths.

For example, take Scott Baio. Yes, that Scott Baio. Chachi himself. This mental midget retweeted a conspiracy theorist’s photo claiming that the mother of Vickie Soto and the mother of Heather Heyer were the same person. For those of you who may not know, Vickie Soto was a teacher who was killed during the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, while Heather Heyer was the woman was struck by a car and killed by a neo-nazi at the recent protest in Charlottesville.

After a well-deserved social media backlash, Baio deleted the tweet, then half-heartedly apologized for the tweet saying he retweeted it but didn’t post it, which is somehow better according to him.

To make matters worse, a mother of a child who died at Sandy Hook tweeted at Baio’s wife Renee about the matter. Renee Baio responded to Nelba Márquez-Greene with the following…

This is what this insane harpy told a woman who lost her 6-year-old daughter, Ana Márquez-Greene, at Sandy Hook. All because the Baios are stupid enough to believe whatever bullshit some random troglodyte on Twitter happens to post.

If you believe things like 9/11 was an inside job or Sandy Hook didn’t really happen, seek psychiatric help before you have to be forcefully committed. Then again, you probably think any kind of mental healthcare is part of a conspiracy between big pharma and Obamacare to steal your thoughts. Trust me, no one wants them.

7 thoughts on “Chachi loves tin foil”

      1. The Virginia Department of Education allowed 2,850 illegal immigrant children to be exempt from the vaccination requirement to attend school. Where was the moral outrage? The principal of my kids school told me she would never talk to me again, when I brought this matter up. Many more cases of Whooping cough were reported since then. Probably just a coincidence. And of course nothing but praise and adulation for the vaccine denying education system. Go figure.


    1. Hey guess what? You are the ones believing lies. That is the same person. And Heather Heyer is Soto’s sister in the Anderson Cooper interview. The sister closest to the mother. You can research it all. The mothers face fits perfectly over the other’s face and so does the girl’s.
      Suckers are born every minute and I see proof every day. Stop believing news. News is owned by 6 corporations that own our govt. They print what govt. Tells them. Wake up people.


      1. KeepItReal, you must be the King of Fake News. Keep telling yourself it’s all a conspiracy. Meanwhile, the real world will stick to the facts that are so alarming and damaging to your point of view, that it’s easier to create a convoluted fake news tirade than to admit you could be wrong.


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