Former Okla. State Senator Ralph Shortey indicted

Former Okla. State Senator Ralph Shortey indicted on child porn charges
Ralph Shortey

I originally posted about former Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey here. Back in March, he was caught in a motel with a 17-year-old boy he met through craigslist, who Shortey was allegedly paying for sex. When asked about the situation, Shortey reportedly said “he was just there to hang out with his friend.”

More recently, Shortey was indicted in Federal Court on child porn charges along with the charge for child sex trafficking. Shortey is believed to have traded child porn on a social networking app of a prepubescent girl. He’s also accused of producing child porn by requesting an underage victim to send him explicit images over said social app. According to the indictment, the app used was Kik, but that’s for another website.

However, Shortey was released on a mere $5,000 bond. Why? If he was any other Joe Pedophile off the streets he’d probably be held on bond of at least $100,000 or more. I guess even disgraced state Senators still hold some sway even if they’re allegedly a sexual predator.

UPDATE 11/30/2017: Shortey has pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking. He is scheduled to be sentenced net year. He’s looking at 10 years in federal prison.

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