AZ Principal posted craigslist ads for skinny dipping teens

AZ Principal posted craigslist ads for skinny dipping teens
Karl Waggoner

Before I begin, isn’t that the mugshot of a man who knows he’s been busted? But, I digress.

59-year-old Karl Waggoner, of Apache Junction, Arizona, was a Principal at an elementary school in Pinal County. He may have since been relieved of his position because of what he allegedly posted on Craigslist. Waggoner is accused of posting several ads on craigslist leading up to the Labor Day weekend asking for teenage girls to go skinny dipping with him at his home.

This ad caught the eye of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office who responded to the ad posing as a 14-year-old girl. According to the PCSO the conversation quickly turned sexual. At his arrest, Waggoner reportedly admitting to placing the ads.

The school board did do a background search on Waggoner going back 15 years and found nothing. That could mean he just hasn’t been caught until now. Police are currently looking for possible victims.

This is another case of craigslist allowing ads which solicit children for sex on their website. Don’t tell me they can’t moderate their site because they do. Usually it’s only for ads they feel can hurt their business directly, otherwise it’s still anything goes on craigslist.

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