Shots fired in Columbus Scioto school

Shots fired in Columbus Scioto school
Adan Abdullahi

Late last week, 18-year-old Adan Abdullahi fired three shots from a firearm in the halls of the Columbus Scioto school. Thankfully, no one was injured and Abdullahi was talked into surrendering his gun to a school staff member. Abdullahi has been arrested and is being held on $950,084 bond.

So far no motive has been made public, however, if I had to make an assumption based on what little information has been revealed, I would say this is more of a mental health issue, rather than the usual motive for school shootings of selfishness and egomania. Columbus Scioto is a school for those with mental health issues. I’m more concerned with where Abdullahi got the gun. If you own a gun and have kids, a gun lock can go a long way, and in a lot of jurisdictions you can get them for free from your local police department.

While I haven’t read any of the article comments, because they’re almost always toxic, I’m waiting for someone to call this an act of Islamic terrorism based solely on the shooter’s name.

As usual, I’ll post more details as they become available and as time allows.

UPDATE: According to court reports, Abdullahi has a lengthy criminal record including 31 charges with 18 of them being assaults.

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