Craigslist creeper calls cops on craigslist con

Craigslist creeper calls cop on craigslist con
Nick Deelstra

54-year-old Nick Deelstra, of Logan, Utah, has been arrested for allegedly soliciting a child for sex on craigslist. The way he was caught may be the first time I’ve ever heard of something like this.

Deelstra is said to have called the FBI, claiming to be the victim of a craigslist scam. What scam is that you ask? He reportedly told the FBI he was being blackmailed by a man claiming to be the father of a 16-year-old boy. The ‘father’ wanted money from Deelstra because the ‘boy’ had wrecked the car on his way to see Deelstra. Why was the boy on his way to see Deelstra? Why to have sex with him of course, allegedly.

In a Sept. 8 interview with police, Deelstra reportedly admitted to knowing the boy was 16, but still agreed to meet with him for sex acts. He was arrested by Logan police.

Did he think he would somehow not get arrested? While in other situations it’s always better to go to police about a blackmailer, I wonder how successful the blackmailers are when they’re extorting child predators.

No word on if the blackmailers are being investigated.

Once again, I doubt this was his first craigslist rodeo, meaning craigslist is a playground for pedophiles, and the website refuses to do anything about it.

UPDATE 11/21/2017: After pleading guilty in October to one count of third-degree felony attempted sexual sexual exploitation of a minor, Deelstra was sentenced to time served along with 60 hours of community service and three years probation.

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