Queens craigslist creeper wanted to climb through virgins’ windows

Queens craigslist creeper wanted to climb through virgins' windows

27-year-old Oscar J. Zagalo of Queens, New York, was arrested for allegedly trying to solicit sex from underage girls on craigslist. According to investigators, Zagalo was not exactly subtle with his intentions.

On June 24, the investigator stumbled upon an ad titled “Virgin? Would you like to lose it (M4W)” and “Hello HS and Virgin Girls.”

“Servicing any inexperienced girl willing to loose (sic) it, any age,” the ad read. “You can have me climb through your window at night or I can host. I’m very experienced and skilled. Girl party friendly too. Great for your slumber party with your girlfriends. Please send pictures with your reply. Ciao!”

Police responded to the ad posing as a 13-year-old girl and arrested Zagalo at a predetermined meeting place. Zagalo reportedly thanked police when they arrested him stating they saved him.

This is craigslist at its lowest. Craigslist does moderate their ads for certain things but only when it benefits them. However when it comes to checking their ads for potential child molesters, they couldn’t care less. If craigslist can moderate their ads for any reason, then they can moderate their ads for scumbags like this, except they probably don’t want to lose the traffic the personals and casual encounters sections bring them.

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