Freeman High School shooting decided on coin flip

Freeman High School shooting decided on coin flip

More news from back in September about the Freeman High School shooting near Spokane where one student, Sam Strahan, was killed and the 16-year-old shooter, Caleb Sharpe, was taken into custody.

According to documents released by investigators, Sharpe allegedly claimed that he made the decision to commit the school shooting based on the flip of a coin…

“Heads meant he would do it (shoot students at the school) and tails meant he would not do it and never think about it again, but the coin landed on heads,” according to court documents released on Wednesday. While searching Caleb’s room after the shooting, detectives found two coins, a quarter that was tail side up and a penny that was head side up.

That last part about two coins being found makes me think Sharpe is lying about the coin flip. In my opinion, he had his mind made up from day one and added the coin flip story to try to make himself sound cooler somehow. If you’re not familiar with the lore of Batman, or didn’t see The Dark Knight, Two-Face (pictured above) is a Batman villain who makes all his criminal decisions based on the flip of a coin. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that Sharpe made this up and probably borrowed from the movie to make himself seem more of a badass. Instead, it makes him look more like an unoriginal coward.

Sharpe also is said to have claimed that he did not intend to kill himself after the shooting which conflicts with the fact he left a suicide note behind.

Police also released some of the writings in Sharpe’s notebook such as…

“They will be my slaves in the afterlife”, “Killing is fun and I enjoy it”, “I’m smarter than the cops”, and “Did you figure out my name yet?” were also written inside the notebook.

A longer note in the second notebook read: “Caleb Sharpe is a stupid fat f*** that can never get anything right! I am nameless I am the true spirit of the f***** known as Caleb Sharpe that stupid bitch is to (sic) soft to do what I am going to he is an ugly piece of s*** that shouldn’t be alive. I am the one who deserves to live, but I still need Caleb until I kill all of those f******* kids. Then Caleb will finaly (sic) die while I live on even if it is in prison I will live on. Semper Fi. Common sense!”

Let’s not forget this self-proclaimed Marine surrendered to the school custodian after the custodian told him to get on the floor, but I digress. To me these writings prove the shooting was not about bullying, even though Sharpe claims this, but had more to do with his own feelings of inadequacy, just like every other school shooter.

UPDATE 11/5/2017: A hearing will be held in April to determine if Sharpe will be tried as an adult.

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