LetGo robbery takes place at site of craigslist killing

LetGo robbery takes place at site of craigslist killing
Marlon William Cotham

Earlier this week, I posted about the murder of former Tennessee police officer Jonathan Outlaw. He was shot and killed at a Robertson County gas station after going there to meet someone from craigslist he thought he was going to sell his car to. Just a few days later, another armed robbery was committed at the same exact gas station, except this through the LetGo app.

Police in Robertson County are actively looking for Marlon William Cotham of Nashville. He is accused of allegedly robbing someone at gunpoint who thought they would be selling some video equipment. This happened at 2pm on a Saturday. That’s the textbook definition of broad daylight. And again, just days after another man was killed during an alleged craigslist robbery.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or the whereabouts of Cotham, please contact our tip line at (615) 382-6600.

I’ve said this many times before, but the old rules don’t apply anymore. You can no longer rely on meeting in public during the day even if you bring a friend along. Too many criminals have shown that these recommendations are for naught. Personally, I don’t do any business on these sites or apps for obvious reasons, but if you’re going to, use the local police department as your meeting place. It’s not a 100% guarantee of safety but it’s the safest option available to you today.

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