Fake craigslist doctor accused of sexual assaults in Utah

Fake craigslist doctor accused of sexual assaults in Utah
Borzin Mottaghian

34-year-old Borzin Mottaghian, of Provo, Utah, has been charged in the sexual assaults of several women while posing as a doctor. According to police, Mottaghian placed an ad on craigslist offering women $200 for testing a new medical device. When the women showed up to Mottaghian’s office, he would perform ‘exams’ with his fingers and a metal rod. Mottaghian has been charged with 12 counts of object rape.

While medical researchers do often post ads for willing participants on craigslist, legitimate ones are affiliated with either medical schools or legitimate medical practices and research facilities. Do your research before responding to one of these ads as fake craigslist doctors who sexually assault women is not a new thing.

UPDATE 12/17/2019: On December 13th, Mottaghian was convicted on charges of object rape and forcible sexual abuse among other charges.

UPDATE 2/25/2020: Last week, Mottaghian was sentenced to seven years to life among other sentences for lesser violations.

For each of the first-degree felony charges of object rape, Mottaghian received five years to life in prison, also receiving one to 15 years for each of the second-degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse. The judge also required Mottaghian to serve one year for each class A misdemeanor charge of sexual battery and six months for each class B misdemeanor count of attempted sexual battery.


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