Fifty Shades of Craigslist Creeper

Fifty Shades of Craigslist Creeper
Matthew William Tolkinen

Federal investigators allegedly caught 46-year-old Matthew William Tolkinen, of St. Paul, Minnesota, creeping on craigslist for underage girls. The investigators posted an ad on craigslist posing as a 13-year-old girl looking for someone to take her to one of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies. Investigators say Tolkinen responded to their ad the next day.

Tolkinen is said to have referred to himself as ‘daddy’, of course. He also reportedly turned the conversation sexual with investigators posing as the girl. This included Tolkinen saying he wanted to take the girl’s virginity and sending pics of his junk.

When he was finally arrested, Tolkinen claimed he only had sexual conversations with women over 21, then it was 18, then he finally admitted to talking to the 13-year-old ‘girl’, but said he did it to arouse the girl and not himself. Law enforcement couldn’t argue with that logic and promptly let him go. Just kidding, he’s been charged with one felony count of soliciting a child online to engage in sexual conduct.

Not surprisingly, the ad investigators posted was in craigslist’s infamous casual encounters section where most of these child solicitation stories originate. Craigslist refuses to moderate this section in any way shape or form and I highly doubt they worked with the investigators in this instance. The only way to get craigslist to stop allowing ads posted by predators is to stop using craigslist. Sadly, that won’t happen because as a society we’re more concerned with the convenience of craigslist rather than any of its victims.

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