Craigslist scammer turned killer

Craigslist scammer turned killer
Murray Blackmon

This story is back from late September.

65-year-old Murray Blackmon is accused of the fatal hit and run of a 44-year-old man who Blackmon may have scammed on craigslist. The victim was said to be there to buy a laptop from Blackmon, but Blackmon has a history of craigslist scams. The victim was holding on to Blackmon’s car as Blackmon tried to drive away from a Morrow, Georgia, parking lot. When Blackmon stopped the victim allegedly hit the asphalt striking his head which killed him. Blackmon is said to have stopped his vehicle where the victim fell and grabbed a computer box.

Again, I would never recommend using craigslist for anything but if you do use craigslist or a similar service, always meet the other party at your local police department.

US News

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