One of the West Memphis Three arrested

One of the West Memphis Three arrested
Jessie Misskelley

This is old news by now, but Jessie Miskelley, of the West Memphis Damien Echols + 2, was arrested over Thanksgiving weekend. He was arrested in West Memphis on traffic violations including driving without a license, driving without insurance and having no headlights. Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington doesn’t think this is enough to warrant Misskelley going back to jail under the terms of the Alford Plea the three took to get out of jail. I’ll talk more about that in a moment.

As with all things WM3 related, someone thinks this is part of a larger conspiracy. Damien Echols’ attorney, Patrick Benca, says that he’s never seen anyone get arrested for driving with a suspended license in the past 18 years. I’d like to know which rock he’s been living under because anywhere I’ve ever lived, driving with a suspended license gets you locked up. I don’t know if Miskelley has posted bail yet. The last article I read, which was dated yesterday, didn’t mention him being released. I guess if you’re not friends with Johnny Depp you can’t just snap your fingers and make things happen for you.

Getting back to the Alford Plea, which in case any one forgot is a guilty plea, the terms state the three have to be employed, be drug free and are subject to search and seizure without a warrant. What does Damien Echols do for a living exactly? Are celebrity hanger-on and fortune-teller, or whatever the hell he claims to do, real jobs? Has he ever even had a real day of work in his life?

5 thoughts on “One of the West Memphis Three arrested”

  1. you clearly don’t understand why these 3 men accepted an alford plea in the first place. Damien was not able to get health care on death row and a new trial could have taken 2-3 years. The 3 men took the alford plea for Damien, to get him off death row so he wouldn’t die there for a crime he didn’t commit.


    1. It seems you don’t understand how public relations works. The West Memphis Three had a giant war chest of millions of dollars the best lawyers and a possible new trial. They didn’t offer their new evidence of a hair matching millions. No, they asked to pled guilty told the world it was because Echols was dying of vague causes and had every paper use the word exonerated before their name. The WM3 case is a house of cards that only stands if you cloae your eyes to the facts of their case.

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    2. It’s unfortunate that whatever ‘health problems’ Damien had, didn’t do him in. That’s about all he deserves.


  2. You cannot be serious AR? Health problems? What was that? Dental work, laughable. There are millions no sorry billions of people world wide that have dental issues a small percentage die from those issues. By the looks of it he has no health issues but mental health issues. He pled guilty to get out for health issues 🤣😂😂 No, he pleaded guilty because essentially he is guilty and was going to bank off of the boys murders.

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