Facebook launching messaging app for kids under 12

Facebook launching messaging app for kids under 12

Social media monolith Facebook recently announced it was launching a messaging app for kids 12 and under called Messenger Kids. Automatically to me that sounds like an extremely bad idea, however, Facebook says that there are safety measures in place for kids to use their new app.

Parents must set up a child’s Messenger Kids account and approve with whom they can communicate (parents must be friends on Facebook to do so). Kids will not be searchable within the app for privacy reasons.

From a crime perspective this seems like a pretty safe app but still has its drawbacks. Too many parents sign their kids on to an app then let them run free on it, like Musical.ly. While there shouldn’t be the problem of random strangers messaging your child, there’s still the problem of people close to the family who may be trying to groom your child. As the saying goes, kids are more likely to be assaulted by someone they know rather than internet predators.

But let’s discuss what this is really about, Facebook indoctrination. Zuckerberg the Great wants to make sure that kids are raised on Facebook. With so many teens and young adults supposedly flocking to Snapchat from Facebook, they want to make sure future generations will be reliant on Facebook.

If your children really want to talk with grandma over the internet, they can do it with Facetime or Skype while you supervise. Or better yet, call her on the phone.

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