Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper in Guam

Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper Guam

I can honestly say that in 17 years, this is the first time I’ve ever posted a story about Guam. I’ve been somewhat fascinated with the island for years and would love to visit there someday. Sadly, this is not a story about my travel wishes.

Defense contractor Michael Louis McCarron was staying in Guam when he allegedly responded to a craigslist ad for sex. He is said to have sent pictures of his junk to a female named Brit before asking her age. He also stated he could drive and had access to the naval base there. McCarron then reportedly asked Brit her age to which she replied she was 13. The conversation that followed was almost comical.

On Nov. 2, McCarron asked her age and she replied, “13. Is that okay?”

The investigator’s affidavit states McCarron initially responded, “No, thank you. I am good. Have a good night.”

Two hours later, McCarron allegedly sent three follow-up messages stating, “What is up with a 13-year-old doing this?” “Are you really 13? What were you thinking about doing?” and “I have to admit I am curious … can I see what you look like?”

So he said no, then went back and started tiptoeing around with the girl to see if she was law enforcement. Guess what. She was. Brit was actually an investigator with the Naval Criminal Investigative Section (NCIS). McCarron had a tablet and hard drive seized by investigators.

Now, before the entrapmentists come out, this was not entrapment. If reports are to be believed, he responded to an ad by sending a pic of his tallywhacker before verifying the recipient’s age. That’s legal trouble right there. Then after he said good night I’m good, he went back to messaging the ‘girl’ without provocation. While investigators may have placed the ad, no one was twisting his arm to keep responding. He even communicated with ‘Brit’ for a month and kept sending explicit pics of himself. This is not even remotely close to entrapment.


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Guam Daily Post

One thought on “Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper in Guam”

  1. This guy used to be a friend of mine, until I found out about this stuff. He’d disappeared for quite some time a mutual friend of his (Also considers him a former friend because of this) looked him up on google and shared several articles from various news sites. They all detail the same string of activity. Yeah, never suspected this guy was into this stuff. Never would have been his friend if I had known…


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