Craigslist creeper was looking for discreet, hot, fun

Craigslist creeper was looking for discreet, hot, fun
Alex Bawek

The Dread Pirate Roberts’ douchier younger brother up there is 28-year-old Alex Bawek of South Dakota. He was arrested by police in Altoona, Wisconsin for allegedly soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl on craigslist. Bawek was said to have posted an ad looking for discreet, hot, fun. Discreet is a code word for ‘please don’t be a cop’. Fortunately cops often disregard such codes, like they did in this instance.

Police in Altoona responded to Bawek’s ad as a 14-year-old girl, to which he said “I bid you good day.” Just kidding. He asked for pictures of the girl and told her what sex acts he wanted to do to her. He was in possession of a box of condoms when he was arrested which kind of negates any kind of “I just wanted to hang out” kind of excuse.

This is your clientele craigslist. A bunch of desperate men looking to ‘have sex’ (child rape) with underage children. If you even just moderated some of your ads, it could have the effect of discouraging other predators from using your website.


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