Shooting at Italy High School in Texas

Shooting at Italy High School in Texas

Earlier today, there was a shooting at Italy High School in Italy, Texas. A 16-year-old male student of the school shot a 15-year-old female student six times in the school’s cafeteria. The shooter is in custody while the victim has been hospitalized.

The shooter is said to have used a semi-automatic .380 handgun. In layman’s terms semi-automatic just means that it’s not a revolver. Even though it’s called semi-automatic it’s still a pistol and only fires one bullet per trigger pull. Although that doesn’t give any consolation to the victim, but I wanted those who may not have any knowledge about guns to know the shooter wasn’t armed with a magic handgun that fires repeated rounds with one squeeze of the trigger like a machine gun. As for the gun itself, it has not been made public where the shooter obtained the firearm.

Early reports by local news outlets say the shooting was over a break up and the suspect had behavioral problems such as previously forming a hit list, throwing scissors at a girl in school and having thrown a computer against the wall. The witness who gave that report about his past behavior stated the shooter was removed from school but was allowed back.

The identities of neither the suspect nor the victim have been released.

If these early reports are true, I’d love to know what reasoning the school had letting the suspect back in, or is throwing scissors at someone not extreme enough to warrant any kind of permanent disciplinary action anymore? I also wonder what home life for this violent tough guy was like. It’s obvious he has mental health issues, but were they addressed or ignored?

Also, to any aspiring high school Romeos out there, if you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend in high school, it’s not the end of the world if she dumps you. The odds are more likely that you won’t even see each other after graduation. No high school romance is worth killing for, or going to prison over. That’s not even taking into account this was a cowardly act of extreme domestic violence. No one likes a guy who hurts women.

I’ll post more details as they become available and as time allows.

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Houston Chronicle

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