A gun is a coward’s weapon

A gun is a coward's weapon

I’m done. For 18 years I stood up for the rights of ‘responsible’ gun owners but no more. After yesterday’s school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17, mostly children, dead, I reached my breaking point. While I realize that shootings like this are part of the plane crash principle, where you only hear about the planes that crash and not the ones that make it safely, if there had been three plane crashes with massive losses of life since the beginning of the year, you bet your ass there would be calls for regulation against the airline industry. Yet when it comes to guns we just throw our hands up and go ‘What can we do, it’s in the Constitution.’ You know what else was in the Constitution: slavery, prohibition, and denying women the right to vote but all of those have been changed. Now it’s time to change the Second Amendment which hasn’t been changed in centuries. I’m not talking about gun control, I’m talking about gun eradication. Sorry to you responsible gun owners, but the bad apples have spoiled the bunch. No grandfather clauses and no exceptions. But you hunt? Too bad. Welcome to bow season motherfucker.

And don’t give me that shit about Nazi Germany stripping their citizens of weapons. You’re not living in Nazi Germany. This is the modern-day and if you can’t recognize that the landscape has changed since then, you’re an idiot. “But what if we need to defend ourselves against the government?” You mean the government that hasn’t come after you in over 200 years? Bitch, please. If the government wanted to become a dictatorship there’s no amount of guns that compares to those owned by the US Military. Plus you sound you like should join one of those whack job militia groups that hole up in the woods. Speaking of militias you’ll say that the Constitution guarantees that we’re entitled to a well-regulated militia. What do you think the National Guard is?

I still believe that the main causes of school shootings are lack of sufficient mental healthcare, the stigma of seeking psychological help, and the over-inflated sense of entitlement these cowards have. But what else do they all have in common? The gun. But since most of you also think that healthcare isn’t a right and should be expensive, fewer people who need it aren’t getting the treatment they should.

Also, some of you thinks the solution to that is to arm teachers. That’s one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. Sure, let’s put even more guns in our schools. I’m sure teachers will act like perfect automatons when it comes to the handling of firearms and not one will be lost or misused.

The gun is not a multipurpose tool. It’s only purpose is to destroy whatever is put in front of it. Another argument I hear is that baseball bats are used to kill people and they’re still legal. Baseball bats can’t be swung 45 times a minute or used from a distance of hundreds of feet away or from a window that is ten stories up.

I’m also sick of the good guy with a gun myth. Where do you think most bad guys with guns get theirs? Either purchased legally or stolen from a ‘responsible’ gun owner. Let’s also talk about the overly used ‘Guns don’t kill people’ trope. While it does take a person to pull the trigger of a gun to kill someone, the gun makes it a whole lot easier to do so. Then there’s the ‘If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns’ trope. You’ve got to start somewhere and it seems to be working ok for Australia, who banned guns after the Port Arthur massacre and has seen a steady decline in homicides since enacting the legislation.

Do I think that police and military should be disarmed? No. Don’t be ridiculous. However, most of the police and military go through a career’s worth of training to learn how to handle their weapons in highly volatile situations. While they’re not always perfect, they do a hell of a lot better job than most armed civilians who sometimes can’t even clean their guns without shooting themselves or a loved one.

Have I pissed you off? I don’t care. You’re clinging to a belief that died when the US became a military superpower. You no longer have to worry about King George trying to tax your tea. Your thinking is fossilized and belongs in the dustbin of history. Want to unfriend me? Fine, then obviously our friendship wasn’t that strong. Want to stop reading my site? That’s fine too. Have fun wrapping yourself in your comfortable little bubbles on Facebook where you only commiserate with people who think exactly like you. God forbid you should step outside of your narrow world view. Call me a liberal communist if you want. I was registered Republican until 2016 whereas now I’m officially unaffiliated with any party. They both suck for their own reasons.

In summation, guns suck and serve no purpose in modern society except for inflicting death.

10 thoughts on “A gun is a coward’s weapon”

  1. I don’t think a total gun ban will ever work in this country, Trench,m and you know damn well that Congress will NEVER pass one. Other than that, I agree with everything you say here. I blame Republican congressmen in particular who refuse to restrict the sale of assault weapons because they depend upon the support of the NRA to win their elections as well as the paranoid view of government that some extreme right-wingers have which is behind their defense of the right to own an assault weapon. As you rightly say, there is no way that an army of citizens armed with assault weapons is going to overthrow a tyrannical government by force of arms. These people have been playing too many violent video games and watching to many zany conspiracy theory videos on U-Tube. It is time to take assault weapons away from the mentally ill and the mentally deficient.


  2. Bravo and well said! The kind of people who say things like ‘Come and take mine’ are part of the gun illness in our country. I am so very sad for all of these parents and families. All of that wonderful potential lost because someone who isn’t worth the skin he’s in, armed himself and took those lives away.


  3. I received this comment from friend of the site and Patreon Patron Lori who’s having technical troubles trying to leave a comment.

    This is fantastic that you have seen the light Trench!!! I am thrilled to read this! To all the people that would rant about the government coming to take their guns: turn off Fox Noise and pay attention to reality. No one is coming to take your gun. No one wants the stupid thing, keep it. But register it and be responsible and accountable for every action resulting from its use. Like an adult.

    ALL civilized societies have enacted gun legislation to keep their citizens safe. It is high time we joined them. We need to take back our government. Our elected officials are profiting off of the death of the people they have sworn to represent. We are all sick of the thoughts and prayers they offer. Perhaps we need to offer them our thoughts and prayers while we vote for others to fill their jobs.

    Legislating gun control (primarily) for people with mental illness is a slippery and unsafe slope. Mental health is not always a constant. It can vary from day to day and no one has a guarantee of sanity tomorrow. It is too easy to claim someone is mentally ill AFTER they have committed a heinous act, sometimes it is impossible to tell beforehand.
    Trench, I am so happy you have written this post!!!! You made my day. I am a little concerned about the Republican confession but I will take progress where I see it 🙂 Now if you can just rethink your stance on the death penalty….

    Thank you as always for the support Lori. If it makes you feel any better while I didn’t vote for Obama, over Obamacare (long story), I did generally approve of him as a president. As far as the death penalty goes as long as there are cowardly monsters like this mass murderer, I’ll always think that they deserve to be removed from the planet permanently.


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