Gun store that sold weapon to school shooter closes up shop

Gun store that sold weapon to school shooter closes up shop

The owners of the gun store who sold the AR-15 to Nikolas Cruz have closed their store and have withdrawn from the public. Reports are saying they’ve gone into hiding, but to me, that implies they’ve done something wrong. In my opinion, they haven’t and in fact have done everything right.

The owners of the store are “distraught over the tremendous sense of responsibility in this situation”. Only an inhuman monster wouldn’t feel some kind of remorse in this situation, but their hands were tied. Cruz gave off no indication what he was buying the gun for, and the background check didn’t throw up any red flags.

I don’t blame them for concealing themselves from the public. In this day of swatting, doxxing and social media lynch mobs, It wouldn’t take much for someone to try to exact some kind of unwarranted but catastrophic revenge.

Am I saying that all gun stores should close? While I wish they would, they are still legal businesses and have the right to continue to do business. However, I hope the store owners have closed the shop for the right reasons and aren’t just waiting to set up shop somewhere else once the furor dies down.

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