Washington school shooting narrowly avoided

Washington school shooting narrowly avoided

Overshadowed by the news of the Parkland shooting in Florida, a school shooting was narrowly avoided in Everett, Washington. 18-year-old Joshua Alexander O’Connor was arrested for allegedly plotting an attack against ACES High School in Everett. O’Connor was turned in by his grandmother after she found evidence of his plot and the evidence was alarming.

O’Connor had the usual school shooter’s journal but we’ll get to that in a moment. The major part of the evidence was the Hi-Point 10+1 9mm Carbine rifle that he kept in a guitar case. Another idiot who thinks he’s El Mariachi. The reason that O’Connor bought the 9mm Carbine was because it was the same gun used by the coward Eric Harris during Columbine. That’s right kids. O’Connor is a columbiner. I wonder what his Tumblr user name is. As with most cowardly Columbine copycats, O’Connor planned his shooting for around the anniversary of Columbine. Not an original thought between the lot of them.

Below is the search warrant affidavit detailing what evidence police found in their investigation. I want to draw your attention to page 4.

In case you’re wondering which part I’m referring to, it’s this one.

The part where he says how easy it was for him to buy a gun, a gun he planned on using to beat all known mass shooting body counts.

In case you think that this troglodyte was nowhere near committing a school shooting, you’re wrong. O’Connor is also accused of using that gun to hold up a convenience store and getting off on it. He is said to have written in his journal about how powerful he felt threatening the female clerk.

Too many guns are easily finding their way into the hands of these degenerates. You may say that guns don’t kill people, but they sure do make it a lot easier. While the cowards who wield them are ultimately responsible, no other commercially available weapon can rack up the number of dead innocents quite like a gun.

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