Parents find out about school shooting plot a year after arrest

Parents find out about school shooting plot a year after arrest

Parents in Titusville, Florida, just recently learned that two students of Astronaut High School were arrested in early 2017 for allegedly plotting a school shooting. That’s more than a year later for those keeping count. Not surprisingly parents are upset, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about what was reportedly found in one of the suspects’ rooms.

Police said they found an arsenal Inside the bedroom of one of the students, including a .22 caliber rifle with two fully loaded magazines, a .380 pistol, Airsoft guns, over 15 homemade axes, knives and machetes, a bulletproof vest, two face masks and more.

So where did the guns come from?

Police said they found an arsenal inside the Titusville teen’s bedroom closet. His father said he has answer for that – all of the weapons belong to him.

“It’s mine! It’s mine! It’s in a locked safe in my bedroom closet,” he said. “Along with the .380 pistol which is my wife’s.”

Apparently, not locked all that well. He also seems to have a case of ‘not my kid’ syndrome as he says his son is a nice boy even though his son appears to be a columbiner.

This shows the one of the real problems behind school shootings, inattentive parents who are just as inattentive with their guns. As soon as one of your guns falls into the hands of your child for an illegal act, your privilege of owning a gun should be revoked.

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