Parkland shooter’s brother released from jail again

Parkland shooter's brother released from jail again
Zachary Cruz

In my previous post about Zachary Cruz, the brother of mass murdering troglodyte Nikolas Cruz, I had hoped that his latest probation violation would have kept him in jail for at least six months. Zachary Cruz was sentenced to six months probation after being caught trespassing in March on the grounds of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, where his brother killed 17 victims. He reportedly claimed he went to the school to ‘take it all in’. During his first trip to jail, he is said to have bragged about how many girls he and his brother would get since they were ‘famous’.

Instead of being jailed for six months, Zachary Cruz was only jailed for three days as he was released from jail yesterday.

Broward County Judge Melinda Kirsch Brown gave him a gentle warning. “Please do what you know is right and make wise choices,” she said during a brief hearing on Thursday afternoon.

The younger Cruz brother is a ticking time bomb, and a judge is just going to give him a pat on the head and release him back to the streets? I wonder if his release has anything to do with a lawsuit a civil rights group has filed on behalf of Zachary Cruz. The group claims Cruz is being ‘harassed’ by law enforcement. Maybe if he wasn’t trying to capitalize on the number of bodies left in his brother’s wake, then the police wouldn’t have a reason to ‘harass’ him.

UPDATE 5/12/2018: Congratulations, Virginia. The courts have allowed Zachary Cruz to move to your state. Maybe he can hang out with Kenny Bartley.

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