It Wasn’t Him, but will the WM3 faithful believe it?

It Wasn't Him, but will the WM3 faithful believe it
Damien Echols (It was presented in documentary format so it must be true.)

There are three famous killers from history who I believe will never be identified. They are Jack The Ripper, The Zodiac Killer, and the Black Dahlia murderer. Every time someone comes out with a new crackpot theory about who one of these killers was, I just roll my eyes and go on about my business. However, this time, I just couldn’t resist.

John A. Cameron is a 50-something retired police detective from Great Falls, Montana. In 2014 he published a book entitled “It’s Me: Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of.” In his book, Cameron discusses his theories of how charismatic killer Ed Edwards committed not only the crimes he confessed to and was convicted of but also a multitude of murders Cameron believes Edwards committed. The number of victims that Cameron accuses Edwards if killing goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. The Paramount Network, formerly Spike TV and TNN, even ran a five-episode mini-series last month entitled ‘It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards.’

I didn’t watch it, but according to reports Cameron claims Edwards was responsible for the deaths of Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia), Jimmy Hoffa, Chandra Levy, Martha Moxley, Adam Walsh, the wife of Dr. Sam Sheppard on whom The Fugitive was based, Teresa Halbach (Making A Murderer), and JonBenét Ramsey just to name a few. Cameron also claims to believe that Edwards was the Zodiac Killer. So in essence, Cameron has basically taken every unsolved or ‘uncertain’ murder from the past 70 years and attributed them to Edwards.

While Cameron may be a retired police detective, that doesn’t mean he’s not a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. He may just be the king of conspiracy. His credentials aren’t the best either. Outside of his police career, Cameron published his book through Golden Door Press which as far as I can tell was a vanity press for its founder and has allegedly gone out of business. Cameron has also been a guest on Coast to Coast AM, the paranormal and conspiracy themed radio show made famous by the late Art Bell. At the time of writing this, Cameron’s own website only displays a WordPress error code that hasn’t been fixed in days.

The one murder Cameron accuses Edwards of that I want to talk about is obviously the West Memphis killings. I bet you could tell by the picture of Ol’ Douchegoggles up there. Obviously, there’s no possible way Edwards could have killed Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch. However, the angsty followers of Damien Echols, the man with the personality of a 12-year-old goth girl, have thrown so many suspects against the wall trying to get one who sticks. There was the mysterious Mr. Bojangles, then there was Mark Byers when the Paradise Lost ‘documentaries’ came out, and lastly Terry Hobbs when the supposed DNA evidence was made public. Let’s also not forget the ridiculous pot-smoking gay tryst conspiracy that the WM3 team put forth. My point being that the Chalupas are willing to believe any fantastical theory put forth by Echols and his acolytes and I wonder if any of them will actually present Edwards as a legitimate suspect. Considering Echols’ followers already believe the conspiracy theory that he’s innocent, it isn’t too far of a stretch.

And remember kids, let’s get #douchegoggles trending when it comes to talking about His Maagickness.

3 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Him, but will the WM3 faithful believe it?”

  1. Hey, it’s broken PHP code. I could fix that, if I had access. 🙂

    Wow. That’s alot of victim claims for one person!!!


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