Kenny Bartley arrested again: Summer 2018 edition

Kenny Bartley arrested again: Summer 2018 edition
Kenny Bartley

Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley has found his way back to jail once again. If you’ll recall, Bartley was convicted of the 2005 murder of Campbell County High School principal Ken Bruce. Bartley was 15-years-old at the time. Bartley was charged as an adult and sentenced to 45 years behind bars. In 2014, at a retrial, Bartley was found guilty of only reckless homicide and was sentenced to time served. Since his release, Bartley has been no stranger to the law as he has been arrested multiple times and was present when his therapist’s son died from injuries related to child abuse.

This past Sunday, Bartley once again found himself on the wrong side of the law as he was arrested on assault charges. Bartley is accused of going to his father’s house in Lafollette, Tennessee, and demanding money. Bartley was said to have been met by his father’s girlfriend who told him to go away. Bartley reportedly responded by telling her “Get out of my face, bitch. I will kill you!” It was at this time that Bartley allegedly grabbed a rubber mallet that was nearby. Fearing for her life, the woman grabbed a gun from inside the home and told Bartley to leave. Police found Bartley walking down the road before arresting him.

Following his story as long as I have, history indicates that Bartley will probably be out of jail again soon if he hasn’t been already. Bartley is 27 now and is obviously in need of psychiatric help. He has shown that he has a tendency towards violence yet he keeps finding himself a free man while he continues to endanger members of his family. As I’ve been saying since his 2014 release, what’s it going to take before Kenny Bartley is either returned to prison or a psychiatric facility? He is obviously too dangerous to be left to his own devices.

The Volunteer Times
Knox News

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