Satanic murder-suicide planned at Florida middle school

Satanic murder-suicide planned at Florida middle school

Let’s put aside all this depressing school shooting news for a moment so we can talk about something else, and that something else would be knife attack plot at a Florida middle school.

Two female students at Bartow Middle School in Bartow, Florida, were arrested for allegedly having knives at the school. The reason they had the knives was supposedly because they had planned to kill 15 people at the school. They were caught in the school bathroom where they reportedly waiting for a victim they could overpower. Police found messages between the suspects that said they wanted to leave body parts outside of the school. The girls also were said to have told police that not only the pair had planned on committing suicide but they were both Satanists.

Ten years ago, this may have shocked me. Now, I’m not surprised at all. The more kids like this are able to indulge in things like ‘Satanism’ while unattended, the more these things will continue. Again, parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online to try to prevent things like this from happening because I can almost guarantee that’s where these girls got this idea. I would even hazard a guess that it was probably from Tumblr. Anyway, as a parent, you’re supposed to be smarter than your kids, so be smarter and learn their technology or you might have to visit them in detention and I don’t mean the one at school.

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