Is a glass gun cabinet really a gun cabinet?

Is a glass gun cabinet really a gun cabinet?
Ceci n’est pas une gun cabinet

In case you lost it in the shuffle of the myriad of school shootings which took place last year, in December, 14-year-old Brandon Clegg stole his father’s guns, made his father drive him to Dennis Intermediate School at gunpoint, and exchanged gunfire with police at the school in Richmond, Indiana, before taking his own life. If you’ll recall, his mother warned police about the potential shooting after Clegg left their home. One of the main questions regarding this occurrence was where did Clegg get the guns from? We know that he stole them from his father but how?

Earlier this month, it was reported that Clegg took the guns from his father’s gun cabinet. Clegg was able to circumvent the cabinet’s locks by smashing the cabinet’s glass windows. That’s not a secure gun storage option, that’s just a display. I’m guessing that none of the guns had trigger locks either. This is like leaving your purse or wallet in plain view inside your car then complaining when someone smashes the window.

Again, more ‘responsible’ gun owners whose guns find their way into the hands of children.

2 thoughts on “Is a glass gun cabinet really a gun cabinet?”

    1. You know what? You’re absolutely right. It’s so much more important to be able to grab your gun in the rare occurrence of someone entering your home rather than making sure your children don’t have easy access to firearms.


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