Woman arrested in Robert Kraft case has history of human trafficking

Woman arrested in Robert Kraft case has history of human trafficking
Lanyun Ma

Back in 2012, I made a post about a Backpage advertised massage parlor that was shut down in Oxford, Massachusetts. At that time, the local media seemed to be more concerned with how massage parlors affect property values rather than the plight of women who are sold into sexual slavery. If you’re unfamiliar with how massage parlors work, the women who work there are forced to live in the massage parlor and usually have their  IDs and passport taken from them while they’re forced to work to pay off their ‘debt’ of coming to this country. The women are then often shuttled between many different massage parlors so they can’t get too familiar with the area they’re being held captive in. So yeah, keep beating that ‘consenting adults’ horse.

Anyway, back to 2012. Back then a woman by the name of Lanyun Ma was arrested and charged with human trafficking. I hadn’t even thought about her until the Florida massage parlor raid where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was caught allegedly getting his balls deflated. One of the people arrested for allegedly running one of the Florida massage parlors was Lanyun Ma, the exact same woman from the Oxford bust. It turns out that Ma only served a sentence of 30 days and three years probation for the Oxford arrest.

That’s a joke of a sentence and it’s no wonder little to no progress is made against human trafficking in our country. How many victims has she trafficked in the past seven years? How can anyone have any faith in our justice system when modern-day slave traders are given sentences that in no way discourage them from offending again. As far as I’m concerned, sex trafficking is tantamount to being a sexual predator and while they don’t get nearly enough jail time that they should they’re at least compelled to be on a registry. Short of harsher prison sentences maybe sex traffickers should be put on the registry as well.

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