Eight victims killed during Columbine copycat school shooting in Brazil

Eight victims killed during Columbine copycat school shooting in Brazil
Raul Brasil School

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that five students and two school officials were shot and killed during a school shooting in Sao Paulo, Brazil earlier today. The assailants, Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, and Luiz Henrique de Castro, 25, also killed Monteiro’s uncle because he owned a rental car agency and they needed a car for their attack. The two assailants were said to be former students of Raul Brasil School and as should be expected, they took the coward’s way out by taking their own lives. Specifically, it’s believed that Monteiro killed Castro before taking his own life.  The attack itself was particularly violent as Monteiro entered the school firing a .38 revolver while Castro followed up with a hatchet hacking at bodies that were on the ground.

Local authorities are saying that the motive behind the attack is unknown so far, but then they state that the pair planned the attack at least a year in advance and they hoped their attack would “draw more attention than the Columbine massacre.” Stop the presses, that’s the motive. This isn’t even an original action in Brazil as in 2011 a former student of Tasso da Silveira School killed 12 in a school shooting at the Rio de Janeiro school. That gunman even paid tribute to Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung Hui, who previously referred to the Columbine cowards of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as martyrs.

In my opinion, just about every school shooting that has happened since Columbine are nothing more than copycat killings. So no, you will not draw more attention than Columbine. I can count on one hand the school shootings that had as much impact as Columbine while most have gone forgotten outside their local communities. So, if you think you’re going to make history by being an unoriginal loser, you’re not. You’ll more than likely be forgotten with your names scattered among the ashes of history. So if you think you’re gonna be some badass whose name will forever be etched in stone it’s more likely you won’t even have your own name etched on your gravestone. So instead of doing something that makes you a forgotten loser why not do something respectable to help make the world a better place instead of bringing more cowardice and senseless violence.

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