Parkland shooter claims he heard ‘demons’

Parkland shooter claims he heard 'demons'
Gone! Gone! O form of man…

Recently, prosecutors released body cam footage from the police who arrested Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz. In the footage, it’s been reported that Cruz claimed to have heard the voice of demons.

In the body camera video released Friday, the unidentified Coral Springs officer wearing it asks the then 19-year-old suspect casually, “What’s going on today, bro?”

Cruz replies, “Demons, man.”

“Demons?” the officer asks, playing with a piece of string in his hands.

“Voices,” Cruz replies.

Not just the voice of demons, mind you, but it also seems Cruz acted like he had multiple personalities…

Cruz then says “Where are the noises?” and cranes his neck to look up at the circling helicopters. He begins cursing and asks where he is.

“What happened?” Cruz yells.

Inserting a profanity, Cruz says to himself, “What the…did you do?” Now out of view of the camera, Cruz sounds like he is sobbing and hyperventilating.

Cruz must have watched too much TV because it’s just a little too convenient for dissociative identity disorder to just turn off like that at the exact moment of his arrest. DID has been used as a criminal defense many times in the past, but rarely is it ever successful.

For example, back in 2003, John Jason McLaughlin shot and killed two students at Rocori High School in Minnesota. McLaughlin claimed he heard voices and had visual hallucinations. In reality, McLaughlin was faking his condition and borrowed many of his ‘symptoms’ from TV and movies.

So much like McLaughlin, I’m pretty sure Cruz is faking mental illness, besides psychopathy, that is. I wonder what stupid name he’s going to give to his ‘demon’.

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