From the FFS Files: NZ mosque shooter was ‘bullied’

From the FFS Files: NZ mosque shooter was 'bullied'

I haven’t been following the horrible mass shooting that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand recently. From what I gathered, some white supremacist assclown shot and killed 50 people, including children, at local mosques. It’s not that I’m not horrified by this story because it is tragically disturbing but I didn’t want to give this jackhole the attention he was seeking. Then I read on Twitter that some media outlets were reporting that the mass murdering troglodyte was bullied as a kid.  I think I speak for most of humanity when I say “Who the fuck cares?”

I’ll even take this one step further. While most people are saying that shooters like this xenophobic simpleton shouldn’t be named in the media, I’m saying that the media shouldn’t be plastering extraneous details about a mass murdering fuckwit that is designed to garner some form of sympathy for this failure of a human being. Did his being bullied as a fat kind make him slaughter 50 innocent people? Hell no it didn’t so it shouldn’t be brought up. When it is, it just gives antisocial psychopaths a justification for their atrocities.

This bullying trope mostly started with Columbine as it was erroneously reported that the cowardly killers were bullied. The media have never admitted its own mistake and continue to perpetuate this myth even two decades later.  The fact that they’re now applying this trope to an almost 30-year-old man who spinelessly killed 50 innocent people is beyond reprehensible.

2 thoughts on “From the FFS Files: NZ mosque shooter was ‘bullied’”

  1. I’m not excusing anything that this guy or anyone who does such an awful act but to just overlook the effects of bullying is just wrong. If you look at the majority of serial killers, they come from a situation of abuse verbally and sexually. A lot of people go through a lot of things and not do hideous acts but some can’t handle the same way. We just need to treat people like we want to be treated and teach kids this at a young age.


    1. In an ideal world, I would agree with you, however, the reality if the situation is that there will always be bullying. The sooner kids learn that the world isn’t always fair the better off they’ll be handling situations like this psychologically. Plus, I think it’s a rather large leap between bullying and the physical and sexual abuse that some have received at home. An apples to oranges comparison if you will.


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