Attention seeker Damien Echols doesn’t pay attention to #truecrime fans

Attention seeker Damien Echols doesn't pay attention to #truecrime fans
Damien Echols (Look at me. Don’t look at me.)

Who would have thought that we would see a favorable article about triple-connected child killer Damien Echols on Fox News? Maybe it’s because he murdered his victims during the Clinton Administration.

Anyway, last week, Fox News gave Echols a write up because of some #truecrime convention that he attended. Why the hashtag you ask? I’ll get to that in a not so future post. However, before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s correct the usual inaccuracies.

Echols, Misskelley and Baldwin, all teenagers at the time of the grisly killings, were convicted of the murders despite lack of concrete evidence.

Partially true but while there may not have been concrete evidence there was plenty of circumstantial evidence to warrant a conviction. Let’s also not forget the multiple confessions of Jessie Misskelley even after he was convicted.

The men were offered the Alford plea deal in 2011 after new DNA evidence supported their innocence.

I believe the WM3 defense team actually asked for the Alford Plea which as you may keep forgetting, is a form of a guilty plea. Also, the supposed DNA evidence does not support their innocence as all three victims spent copious amounts of time at Terry Hobbs’ home and could have picked up that hair anytime.

The murders remain unsolved.

Not true, the case has been officially closed and there is no current police investigation into it.

And, of course, my favorite…

Today, Echols is rarely seen without sunglasses, a product of not seeing much daylight after spending so many years in a prison cell.

That’s what I like to call his douchegoggles. I highly doubt he has any visual issues but rather he wears them to try to look like a rock star and to avoid eye contact with anyone who can see through his bullshit.

Now on to the main course. This past weekend, Echols attended a #truecrime convention called “Death Becomes Us” that took place in New York. Also appearing there was the equally guilty Amanda Knox but since she’s supposedly pretty we’ll acquit her because reasons. Those two were made for each other. Anyway, in preparation for the event, when asked about the latest #truecrime craze, Echols had this to say…

“Honestly, I pay very little attention to it,” the now-44-year-old told Fox News about the true crime phenomenon impacting pop culture. “It’s not something I have paid very much attention at all. I was in prison for almost 20 years, so now I’m trying to make up for lost time.”

Is that so Mikey? (Echols’ real name is Michael Wayne Hutchison.) That didn’t stop you from offering your opinion on “Making a Murderer” when nobody asked for it. Nor did it stop you from reviewing the TV show Rectify about a man who had been ‘wrongfully accused’.

If anything you’re all about the attention. Anything you can use to get your name back in the press you will do it, such as commemorating the date that your victims were murdered as your original execution date.

There is nothing that you’re not paying attention to if it allows you to insert your bullshit innocence story into it. You’re worse than a miscarriage of justice, you’re an abortion of justice.

Let’s all remember who the real victims were.

Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch


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