NRA President Oliver North is still an assclown (Wants to arm teachers)

NRA President Oliver North is still an assclown (Wants to arm teachers)
Oliver North

The last time I talked about NRA President Oliver North, yes that Oliver North, I called him an assclown for blaming school shootings on Ritalin, the commonly prescribed ADHD drug. Here’s a snippet from what North had to say then…

“They’ve been drugged in many cases. Nearly all of these perpetrators are male, and they’re young teenagers in most cases, and they’ve come through a culture where violence is commonplace,” he said. “Many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten. Now, I am certainly not a doctor, I’m a Marine, but I can see those kinds of things happening.”

More recently, North spoke out in favor of the Florida Legislature’s decision to arm teachers in an effort to prevent school shootings. Because nothing solves a gun problem like more guns. North made his statement prior to the mass shooting in New Zealand but I doubt that would have swayed his opinion any.

More recently, in response to tragedies wrought by deranged criminals at American schools, the NRA has stood firm in calling for the immediate implementation of armed professional security in our schools. Armed security makes good common sense. After all, we protect our banks, sports stadiums and office buildings with armed guards. Surely, our children are more important and deserve at least that level of protection!

We don’t need just one good guy with a gun protecting our children. We need a bunch of good guys—well-trained security professionals who could include teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators. No one cares more about schoolchildren than they do, and they should be given full support to ensure the safety of their students.

Arming teachers and other school faculty brings up a series of problems. The least of these problems is who is going to pay for the guns and training? If it’s the state or the school district couldn’t these funds be better used for, oh I don’t know, educating our children? When we have teachers buying their own school supplies because the school can’t afford it, why should money be spent on something that will not educate them but will probably put them more in harm’s way?

Which brings me to the other end of the spectrum when it comes to arming school faculty. It increases the accessibility to firearms for any would-be shooter. It wouldn’t take much for a student to take a gun off of an armed teacher. If the guns were stored on site a student could break into whatever storage solution the school decided on. That’s not even taking into account the number of human errors so-called responsible gun owners have committed when it came to their firearms. School faculty are not infallible and a school firearm could easily fall into the wrong hands by accident.

The response to school shootings shouldn’t be more guns but fewer guns. And for you cretins who sarcastically say that spoons should be banned for making people fat, call me back when a mass-spooning leaves 17 dead at a high school.

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