Oikos University gunman dies in prison

Oikos University gunman dies in prison
One Goh

One of the many forgotten school shootings from the past decade was that of the shooting at Oikos University in 2012. Gunman One Goh stormed the small Oakland college killing 7 adult students of the school. Goh was quitting the school and believed the school owed him a refund and when he didn’t get it he started shooting up the school.

Goh was said to have been a paranoid schizophrenic who believed that other students of the school had organized against him. He was ruled incompetent several times before finally getting ready to go to trial. However, before a trial could commence, Goh pleaded no contest to seven charges of first-degree murder and was sentenced to seven life sentences without parole.

Being the failure that he was, Goh couldn’t even complete one life sentence as he died in prison on March 20th of this year. No cause of death has been released as of the time I am posting this. As I am wont to say when one of these cowards finally meets their maker, the flames of hell are burning just a little bit more yellow tonight.

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