Shooting at Ark. school leaves one injured

Shooting at Ark. school leaves one injured

One student was injured after a shooting earlier today at Prescott High School in Prescott. Arkansas. Both the gunman and the victim were 14-years-old in the 8th grade as the school teaches grades 7 through 12.

Police have said that the shooting was intentional and have called it a premeditated attack. The victim is said to be in stable condition.

Not surprisingly, we already have a case of “I didn’t think it could happen here.”

“This is the last thing you would expect, I mean know it’s happening a lot nowadays but you don’t expect it happened here.”

“The kids were all thinking that was a prank because of the day it happened on. I don’t think it really registered with them it could happen here either.”

While it’s been quite some time, Arkansas is no stranger to school shootings as one of the first school shootings of the modern era took place in Jonesboro.

Once again, I’ll be curious to see where the shooter got the gun from. I won’t be surprised if a responsible gun owner in his family just left it laying around.

NBC News
FOX 16

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